Most Valuable Customer Program

What does it mean to be a “most valuable customer?”

Simply, it means that you want to be notified via e-mail when there are in-store promotions. In addition, we’d like to thank our subscribers and provide you with exclusive MVC member savings that aren’t available to anyone else.

Will my information be shared with anyone else?

We promise to keep your information to ourselves and never share or sell it to a third party.

Do you limit the number of e-mails you send out?

Absolutely. Our e-newsletter is published less that once a month, but at least once every quarter. So we won’t clutter your inbox!

Great- where do I sign up?

You can come see one of our sales associates in the store, or simply e-mail us at and ask to join our MVC program. It’s quick- and painless!

Can I cancel my membership?

We would hate to see you go, but you are welcome to cancel your subscription at any time. Just e-mail us at and ask to be removed from our MVC list.

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