Not Just For Window Dressings

Draperiesn. coverings, hangings, clothing, etc., of fabric, especially as arranged in loose, graceful folds.

Curtained WallNowhere in this definition is the word “window” utilized! So stop relegating these beautiful fabrics to window openings. Draperies have several uses throughout the home. Whether you are looking to add beauty or function, creative use of draperies can enhance your space with personal flare and style.

Fabric can add a visual depth to any space. Rooms with a monochromatic color scheme most benefit from visual texture but most rooms can successfully integrate fabric hangings into the design. The actual weave of the fabric can also effect the feel of a room. Gauzy linens can be classic or casual while embroidered patterns and silks appear more sophisticated.Velvet Curtain

Whether utilized as a curtained wall or room divider, a carefully placed drapery can help to absorb sounds reflected off hard surfaces. Tile, stone, even gypsum walls and ceilings reflect most of the sound vibrations that hit its surface. Full fabric folds absorb the most sound but straight hanging drapes still help to contain the noise level within a room.

Gauzy Canopy CurtainsDraperies not only create privacy from the outdoors but can also create areas of privacy within the home itself. Canopies or ceiling hung draperies around a bed add elegance and even enchantment for any bedroom. Adding a curtained off “changing area” in a large bedroom can provide privacy for a quick wardrobe change as well as conceal unsightly jewelry, laundry, or shoe storage. Draperies function as a beautiful transition from room to room and provides privacy as necessary, such as between a dining room and a messy kitchen for dinner parties.

Starting a drapery project of your own? We’d love to share your before and after photos here on our blog. Submit your photos to and share your project with our readers!

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