Affordable Patio Decor

If you read my last blog on “Taking the Indoors, Out!” you might have started asking yourself, what are some affordable ways to spruce up my outdoor space? It’s your lucky day. I’ve collected a few of my ideas from my project book and tried to hunt down some photos on the web for you. Let me know what you think.

One of my favorite ways to bring life to a patio is with plants. I recommend groupings of plants of all different shapes, colors, and sizes. Single pots tend to look lonely without a partner or other object to keep it company. Those ceramic plant pots can add up fast so for the budget conscious there are several plastic and styrofoam alternatives. These can be quickly dressed up with a can of spray paint to be boldly colorful, metallic, or rustic to match any style.

If you are looking for something a little more unique try finding old cups, glasses, or large bowls in garage sales to put smaller plants in. A cute mismatched teacup set would be a great place to plant herbs to use in your cooking without the major maintenance of a garden. Even old sinks with faucets left on them can be perfect for planting and provide a great conversation piece.

Curtains provide a glamorous look for the outdoors and can also function as necessary privacy screens. Stringing wire or clothesline from trees or patio ceilings provide an efficient “curtain rod.” In areas protected from wind or rain, shower rods make a good place to hang a curtain from as well. Keep in mind you’ll need to wash outdoor curtains about once a month and should be taken down during the harsh winter season.

While seeking out photos for this article, I ran across this cute idea. It’s a simpler technique for bringing whimsy into your outdoor space. Dainty handkerchiefs adorn this clothesline to provide some color and nostalgia into this simple space. The coordinating seat cushions help to unify the space and make it a defined area. Utilizing a few LED Christmas lights intermittently would jazz up the look even more (and keep the bulbs cool for fire safety).

For a finishing touch use any plastic container as a cooler for party beverages. Spice things up by putting them in hanging baskets or a plant stand. You can also use a nice oblong watermelon in the same fashion for an evening. Cut an oval in the top and clean out all the pulp (or serve to guests). Slice off a portion of the bottom for a flat surface so the watermelon doesn’t rock back and forth. Fill with cans, bottles, and ice- voila!

Hopefully this will help you with your patio at home or inspire other projects around the home. We’d love to see pictures of your outdoor space! Post them on the blog or e-mail them to us and we’ll be sure to share them with the web.

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