Color Me Crazy

Interior designers see trends come and go as often as consumers see fashion waves roll in and out of department stores. Some trends are fun, funky, or functional enough to return (like side ponytails) while others, upon reflection, make us wonder why we even jumped on that wagon (my parachute pants have YET to sell on eBay). Interior Design Magazine’s March issue has several great examples of the latest direction in home trends: color!

While beige has its place, there is a special place in my heart for spaces that show life and personality through unique color palettes and unexpected color placement. ID’s editor in chief invites readers into her eclectically vibrant home in “Make Yourself At Home.” Large scale patterns are made more casual with saturated, high contrasting colors. The area becomes not just a sitting room but an actual living room that is sure to spark conversation with all of your guests.

You don’t have to live in a rainbow room to enjoy the benefits of a little color. ID’s “Small is Beautiful” article features a monochromatic “base scheme” that is enlivened with punches of bold accents to bring a calculated whimsy into this beautiful home. Designing with a neutral base scheme creates a unique opportunity to alter the color scheme as often as the homeowner pleases. A simple change of throw pillows or area rug would completely redefine this space for a special occasions or continue to keep the room feeling fresh and new.

Featuring a less traditional take on the average home, “A Container for Creativity” takes basic shipping container and turns it into a homey escape from the suburban household. A striking primary palette is utilized throughout the entire home. Being such a small space, the continuity of the colors unifies the space and dismisses the conflict that can arrive when utilizing several different schemes within a single home. The mind translates the continuous colors as a single space and will make this tight fit feel larger.If you’re interested in a change but not looking for a complete overhaul, paint or accessories is an affordable way to try your toes in the water. For example, an all neutral-tones room might benefit from a cool-toned accent wall (such as lavender) and dark grey or brown accents such as pillows or lamps. This allows a minimal investment with a slight tonal and hue contrast for variety. Not all colors are for everyone, but even a strategically placed accent wall or centerpiece can take your room from bland to va-va voom!

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