Comparing Flooring Materials

How do you know which type of flooring is right for your home? There are so many options- it can be a daunting decision to take the plunge into updating your floors. Today I’d like to overview some of the most popular flooring types for tackling this task.

Tile or stone is arguably one of the most durable floor surfaces available. Several varieties of materials, colors, and patterns provide countless installation combinations. A “rectified” tile offers a crisp edge for smaller grout joints while a tumbled tile requires larger grout lines. Depending on the hardness or pitting of the stone, initial maintenance and long-term care needs to be a factor into your selection.

Maybe a hardwood would better suit your needs? A quality hardwood floor will be a lasting, durable surface that is cleanable and simple to maintain. It’s warmer on bare feet than tile and area rugs can add color and cushion in living areas, corridors, and bedrooms. As a hardwood ages and wears, it can also be reinvigorated by refinishing to look new several times throughout it’s lifespan.

Carpet is usually a more cost-effective solution to updating your flooring or maybe it just better defines your sense of “home.” Consider upgrading to a stain-resistant fiber. It’s a big selling-point for family home buyers and might give you some peace of mind when creating the guest list for your next holiday meal. A solid urethane pad provides a luxuriously cushioned step and can extend the life of your carpet.

Even vinyl flooring has made several advancements in recent years. If you like the durability of vinyl but hate your outdated peel-and-stick there are several grains, stains, and plank sizes that mimic wood. These “luxury vinyl tiles” or LVT can resemble nearly any kind of flooring to achieve a much more appealing style without sacrificing ease of care.

Your best resource is to seek advice from a flooring professional in your area. Be sure to find someone knowledgeable and understanding, who addresses each of your concerns. If you find yourself being pushed by an impatient salesman- leave! Locally owned businesses count on customers to survive so it’s in their best interest to make sure you’re satisfied. Also, do your homework. Research on-line, talk to friends, and visit a few showrooms to see where you feel most comfortable spending your hard earned money.

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