Treasure Troves

I’ve received some questions about local places to find your own diamond-in-the-rough pieces. There are a few local places that I frequent but I’m always looking for new hideaways!

Like this past weekend I traveled to Dallas and set out junk store shopping. We finally tracked down this placed called Lula B’s. Everywhere I turned I saw beautiful blown glass vases to turn into lamps or pendant fixtures, worn out old furniture only in need of a funky fabric and some stuffing, and shoe boxes full of once-loved baseball card collections just waiting to have their purpose reinvented.

So what did I bring home? My partner in crime found a classic bedside table. As for me: nothing. Well ok, maybe a cute little smocked dress, but nothing for a new home project. I DID get a few ideas though! Definitely on the “I Will Be Back” list after my next paycheck.

I know quite a few people who travel to Dallas and Austin to gather up great resale items, but there are several local spots on my local radar too. My favorite places in town are: Laverty’s, Habitat Restore, and the Style Station (mostly clothes, but great stuff). Share some of your favorite resale spots here and help ensure we preserve local small business!

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